Major Vastu Dosh

Basically the ancient vaastu texts do not deal with vaastu corrections by alternative methods. They advocate in all such cases structural correction to set right the defects.

The performance of rituals like Vaastu Pooja, Vaastu Homa and the like are mentioned to get the blessings of the plot organism which goes without saying that the house, in the first place, should be as per vaastu.

I have come across several defective houses that has put the occupants to misery in spite of the fact that before entering the house all the rituals were performed in a grandiose manner as per the texts. It is also true that if one were to occupy a house built as per vaastu even without performing any of these poojas or homas, one will still enjoy the benefits of being in a good vaastu house. Rituals have therefore no part to play in vaastu.

Any problem due to vaastu can only arise only if the Northeast force in the plot is weak. If the Northeast is strong in spite of defects in other sectors, the occupants are unlikely to suffer the effect of such vaastu defects.


Sl.No Nature Of Northeast Defect Effect
1. Toilet in Northeast Financial Problems
2. Bath Room in Northeast Education / Career Problems
3. Elevated Northeast; Poverty
4. Staircase in Northeast Circulation problems
5. Kitchen in Northeast Quarrelsome members
6. Rounded Northeast No male children
7. Northeast Toilet in Southwest Bed Room Cancer
8. Northeast Toilet in Southeast bed room Breast Cancer
9. Northeast toilet in Northwest bed room Brain Tumours/madness
10. Northeast toilet in Northeast bed room Brain cancer
11. Bed room with southwest toilet heart problems
12. House with toilet in Southwest Heart problems
13. Depressed Southwest Heart problems
14. Northwest entry Litigation
15. Southeast entry Accidents/surgery
16. Southwest entry financial problems