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Online Vastu Classes

  1. Basic Vastu Course @ Rs. 5000 ( One Time Payment )
  2. Advance Vastu Course @ Rs. 7500 ( One Time Payment )

Advance Course in Vastu Science

  • Duration :  One Month
  • Classes  :    14 Nos.

Basic course :  8 classes in 20 days

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Syllabus to be covered in the Basic Course

Introduction to vastu
History of Vastu, Growth of Vastu, Scientific approach to vastu, Therotical approach to vastu.

Basic of Vastu and directions.
Directions and corners, Use of magnetic compass, Various entries, levels & weight, open space and balconies, shapes of plots, selection of land and soil test, veethi shoola, Inclination and its measurements, extension and cut in plots, locations.

Making of Plan of the building

Marking the different cardinal zones of aligned and inclined plots

Placements in plot and building,
Inclined plots, type of inclination,

Practical Vastu
Puja room, bedroom, kitchen, children room, store, Decluttering, study room,

Syllabus for Advance course

In addition to basic following is added

commercial and Industrial units vastu

Tools and devices
Vastu energy enhancing tools and devices, effects of good and bad vastu.

Tips for enhancing energy in the vastu

Pyramids and pyravasthu
Definition of pyra, dimension and shape of pyramids,  Pyravastu. Use of Pyramids.

Elementary Fengshui
Introduction, chi, theory of five elements, fengshui tips, comparison between vastu and fengshui.

Practical cases in vastu.

Personality development & Vastu Presentation.

  • Practical Exposure
    Case Study, Viva

Types of Crystals    How to use Crystals in the home