Construction Details

The second stage after buying a land is to start construction. Now even if you have chosen a bad land you can correct it by making proper construction and using Eco friendly material according to vastu. If you have purchased a good land, it can be unsuspicious if you don’t make the construction according to the rules of vastu. If you choose the wrong materials in wrong place, they will start giving problem later. Imagine after whole construction you come to know that the material is the cause of worries. What will you do? You cannot demolish the whole building , so its always better to have precautions rather than to go for cures.

We will provide you the following details:

  • About the proportions of open spaces and built space.
  • Shape and height of the building levels.
  • Slopes of floor and roof.
  • Location of Columns beams.
  • Boundary walls height, design, and thickness.
  • Stairs-location shapes and rise.
  • Placement of the main gate doors windows, ventilators, and cupboards.
  • Electricity meter, main line, lighting system.
  • Placement of all the rooms, kitchen, bathrooms.
  • Placement of the water sources like overhead tanks, underground tank, septic tank.
  • Use of Eco- friendly materials