Construction over inclined Plots

In metro cities there are several developing agencies other than Govt. department’s viz., Private builders. These private builders are in large numbers along with the developer companies which are too in big numbers. The private builders are constructing the dwelling units over residential plots which are sold by the inhabitants due to any reason. Very few builders take care about vastu principles while constructing the units. Such properties are known as builder’s floor.

New areas are developed and residential units are too constructed in the area by private developers and Govt. developing agencies. Least care is taken by them to keep the plots in alignment to universal cardinal direction. Their interest lies in maximum utilization of the space considering it from the business view. They make the plots in inclination to the universal cardinal direction i.e. the axis of the plot is not kept parallel to the universal cardinal directions (north-south, east-west axis), with the result the universal cardinal direction fall aside of the center of the sides of the plots. Such plots are known as inclined plots. Such conditions can occur on both the square and the rectangle plots.

If the cardinal directions fall at the corners of the plot, the plot is know as diagonal plot. This can happens only on square shape plots.

If the length – breath ratio is more than twice and inclination is more, it is possible that the two cardinal direction may fall on the two opposite sides of the plot. Such plots are known as double diagonal plots. Such plots or either NE, SW dominated or SE, NW dominated.

On all above inclined plots, the location of the corners, called intermediate directions (NE, SW, SE, NW) changes. Proper use of these corners is very important. For construction of the building for either use i.e. residential, commercial or industrial or to use the pre constructed building, giving consideration to inclination is most important. If the structure elements are not placed according to vastu, we will not get the overall prosperity from the vastu affects.

Below, figure shows the different types of plots


In Delhi, Rohini is the Example of this condition where all plots are inclined. Utmost care is required for construction in such plots, it is better to have the advise from the consultants for placements of different elements of the unit.